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Welcome to The Q Family Way!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Thank you for being here!

Part exploration, Part connection, All authentic. Have you found the journey to expand your family through reproductive assistance exhausting? Have you searched but not found a collective avenue to answer questions about parenting, traveling with kids, or how to create more work/life balance that affects queer, lesbian, mixed-race, and BIPOC families differently?

Well, welcome to The Q Family Way!

A parent lifestyle website for the modern, diverse family. It is a queer-focused brand but with subjects and content guaranteed to have something all can gain.

Keisa being Young and Fabulous while exploring beaches in Portugal.

Who's Behind The Q Family Way

Hi, y'all! Keisa (she/her) here from The Q Family Way. It all started with two people deeply in love and wanting to expand our family but finding the journey arduous. Navigating the world of the reproductive process - healthcare professionals that continually misgendered my partner, blatant lack of knowledge regarding an option plan for our unique circumstances, experiencing heartbreaking losses, and when we finally found a supportive environment and successful plan (resulting in our kiddo, Arlo) ... how do we raise them during a pandemic! Yeah, does any of this sound familiar? My wife, Danielle, and I were constantly fielding questions about our journey from friends from all walks of life, so I decided we needed to share it as a global resource. Not only a more in-depth resource but build the community we desperately needed, especially when we had losses.

Not only do we share our journey of becoming parents, but we also love to travel, optimize our limited finances to create a better work/life balance, and stay prepared for all of life's curveballs. These topics will most definitely be highlighted throughout the platform. Please be sure to comment, like, and share any and all that you find interesting!

I hope you find this platform engaging, honest, and, first and foremost, informative.

What's Coming

We plan to create platforms to share our research and experiences over the past seven-plus years so you don't have to go through the hassle we did. Everyone's circumstances are vastly different, but the overarching nuggets of information still ring true.

Uniquely, our online community safe spaces will serve as connection points to dive deeper into topics with other folks and experts once up and running.

Thank you again for being here. Keep coming back every week for a new blog post and updates! Please keep those comments, likes, and shares flowing.

Together, we can make anything possible.

Be Well,


Keisa and baby Arlo playing on couch.

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Sep 29, 2023

Love this! Thank you.


Sep 01, 2023

Yay! So glad this resource is here!

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